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Business Benefits

Gain Insights, Access Analytics, Build Customer Database

A whole world of customer data, waiting times, peak hours, no shows, walk-ins vs. reservation, including data visualization and analytics, both real-time as well as historical data, is revealed and available to your business via SKEEPER's Management Console

Increase Repeat Visits

Customers love SKEEPER and appreciate the top quality service. Repeat visits grow by 16% on average

Eliminate Customer Discomfort

No more crowded waiting rooms and no more customers complaining about time wasted. SKEEPER reduces perceived waiting time to zero

Top Quality Customer Service

No more messy, unorganized manual paper lists. SKEEPER mobile waitlist is a beautiful and intuitive hosting application, with sophisticated customer interaction capabilities, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate and most professional queueing experience for businesses and their customers

Invaluable Customer Feedback

SKEEPER's Customer Satisfaction Surveys provide businesses with true insights into their business performance

Reduce Walkaways

Long lines deter consumers and some of them quickly give up. SKEEPER mobile waitlist helps reduce walkaways by 50%! Reduced abandonment and no-shows, means more revenue for your business


If you had to wait more than 5 minutes, it means you don’t have SKEEPER

In our chaotic and hectic lives, time is our most valuable asset.
SKEEPER optimizes consumers’ schedules and completely eliminates the negative experience of standing in line. مواقع تقبل باي بال

Customers get in line at your business location or, if desired by the business, from the convenience of their homes. لعبة الخيول على الانترنت SKEEPER then lets customers wait anywhere they choose and alerts them to get to the service location when it is their turn to be served. العاب كازينو اون لاين مجانا

I'm a business owner, I would like to provide my customers with the ultimate experience, but still not sure about SKEEPER

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why do I need SKEEPER? I actually love those long lines outside my popular business. Useful! Not useful!

      SKEEPER is becoming a standard solution for managing waitlists. Pen & paper are becoming obsolete.
      SKEEPER presents some huge benefits for your business:

      1. It reduces walkaways by 50% on average. This means higher revenues for your business.
      2. Long lines are associated with negative sentiment. Do you need angry customers? SKEEPER manages the flow of your customers, reduces their discomfort and increases the sense of fairness.
      3. The best customer service ever. The first thing your customers experience is the line to get service. With SKEEPER, this experience is dramatically enhanced.
      4. SKEEPER provides you with invaluable analytics and statistics about your customers, behaviors, repeat visits, walkaways, no shows, cancellations, wait times and much more. All available via SKEEPER Management Console for the business manager
      5. Increase customer loyalty - customers come back about 16% more often with SKEEPER, since they love the service.
      6. Receive genuine customer feedback, in real time. SKEEPER Customer Satisfaction Surveys provide deep insights into your customer experience. It helps you act in real time to address unsatisfied customers and bring them back. It reduces walkaways by 50% on average. This means higher revenues for your business.

      Still not convinced? Try it out free for 30-days and see for yourself. Also check out our customers' testimonials. There is no commitment whatsoever, and no credit card is required.


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    • I'm interested. What is SKEEPER's pricing? Useful! Not useful!

      SKEEPER service pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee, per business branch.
      There is no long-term commitment beyond the current month.

      • For a small business, go with SKEEPER Basic Package, full functionality with up to 500 people waiting per month - $25/month only!
      • SKEEPER Premium, with up to 1,500 people waiting per month - $65/month only
      • 1,501 people or more waiting per month - $0.03 per person


      * Discounts apply for large volume businesses, as well as business chains or multiple branches.


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    • What if I exceeded the number of guests in my SKEEPER package? Useful! Not useful!

      No worries, we will contact you on time to discuss the options and various packages.


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    • What is the price of SMS messages Useful! Not useful!

      There is no extra charge for SMS messages. The price of all SMS messages sent via SKEEPER is already included in the monthly subscription fee.


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    • How do I get started with SKEEPER for my business? Useful! Not useful!

      You can start using SKEEPER right away!
      For small/medium businesses, it's very simple:
      - Use an iPad, or iPad Mini, 4th generation or higher, with Internet connectivity: Wi-Fi or 3G.
      - Download "SKEEPER Attendant" from App Store, free of charge.
      - Register for a 30-day free trial (above), or, send us your details to
      - We will send you a username & password
      - You are ready to go!
      For large corporates and organizations, please contact us and we'll be happy to tailor a solution for you, based on SKEEPER's modular architecture and multiple components - kiosks, monitors, check-in stations and more.


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    Enjoy waiting in line :)


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      Amir Davidovich, Owner

      Thanks to SKEEPER we were able to reduce the rate of walkaways, who decided to leave the queue without notifying us



      Gilad Lipschitz, VP Customer Service & Experience

      After more than one year of using SKEEPER, we are convinced that it's the ultimate solution for managing a long queue of customers, waiting to experience the best breakfast in town


      Room Service

      Raz Avidan, Owner

      SKEEPER helps us run and manage our guest tables efficiently, promptly and accurately, while providing our guests with live information about their place in line



      Guy Korsia, Restaurant Manager

      Managing the waitlist with SKEEPER makes it super easy for the hostess to manage the entrance, while improving our customers experience. SKEEPER's customer satisfaction surveys brings up service issues, enabling immediate action, which results in transforming unhappy customers to returning loyal guests

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      LAKA Manicure Express

      Limor Greggo, Owner, LAKA Malcha Mall Jerusalem

      SKEEPER helps me manage and organize the queue very elegantly. Alerting customers with a click of a button helps save time and provide the ultimate customer experience. With SKEEPER, we manage tens of customers at once, combining reservations with walk-ins, allowing all our customers to visit the mall while waiting for their turn at LAKA Manicure Express.



      Elad Koter, Restaurant Manager

      In the past year, SKEEPER has proved to be highly efficient in managing weekend customer traffic, helping us maintain high quality customer service with its integrated customer satisfaction survey module



      Doctor's Clinic

      Dr. Mashiach

      With SKEEPER we are able to easily update our patients about delays, thus shortening wait time to minimum. The clinic's waiting room has become much more relaxed and less crowded



      Gal Bachar, Owner

      At first we were skeptical regarding SKEEPER's ability to keep pace and adjust to Humongous' hyperactive character. We've discovered a highly flexible system, which is easy to operate, improves the waiting experience at the entrance, and reduces walkaway rates

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      Gan Sipur

      Bernardo Balachovich, Owner

      SKEEPER is a sophisticated and easy to use solution, which helps us conveniently manage our reservations, along with the waitlist. With SKEEPER App, our customers can join the waitlist remotely, from home, and track their place in line on the way to the restaurant


      Bleecker Bakery

      Keren Katzav, Branch Owner

      At a relatively low cost, we gain high benefits from SKEEPER, as a user friendly solution for managing waitlists, integrated with a full reservations calendar. Moreover, SKEEPER's customer satisfaction surveys act as a simple, convenient means for maintaining our high quality of service

    SKEEPER for your Business

    > Waitlist management of walk-ins
    > Reservation calendar
    > Customer database
    > Remote customer reservations
    > Advertising in SKEEPER App
    > Live updates to customers via SMS or App
    > Full insights, analytics, and statistics


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