SKIP the hassle and KEEP your place in line

Business Benefits

Gain Insights, Access Analytics, Build Customer Database

A whole world of customer data, waiting times, peak hours, no shows, walk-ins vs. reservation, including data visualization and analytics, both real-time as well as historical data, is revealed and available to your business via SKEEPER's Management Console

Increase Repeat Visits

Customers love SKEEPER and appreciate the top quality service. Repeat visits grow by 16% on average

Eliminate Customer Discomfort

No more crowded waiting rooms and no more customers complaining about time wasted. SKEEPER reduces perceived waiting time to zero

Top Quality Customer Service

No more messy, unorganized manual paper lists. SKEEPER mobile waitlist is a beautiful and intuitive hosting application, with sophisticated customer interaction capabilities, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate and most professional queueing experience for businesses and their customers

Invaluable Customer Feedback

SKEEPER's Customer Satisfaction Surveys provide businesses with true insights into their business performance

Reduce Walkaways

Long lines deter consumers and some of them quickly give up. SKEEPER mobile waitlist helps reduce walkaways by 50%! Reduced abandonment and no-shows, means more revenue for your business